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Welcome to Orbit surveyors, where digital land survey techniques meet precision in land surveying and mapping. We are leading Land Survey and Mapping Consultant in Trivandrum with 12 years of experience in accurately measuring and mapping a specific area of land to determine its boundaries, dimensions and physical features. Digital land surveying offers several advantages over traditional surveying methods that rely on manual measurements. In today’s rapidly evolving world, the construction and development industry demands accuracy and comprehensive solutions. At Orbit Surveyors, we not only meet these demands but exceed them with our digital surveying services. 

Our team of experienced and licensed surveyors utilizes computerized equipment, including Total Stations and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, to deliver precise and reliable surveying solutions. Our Services include Boundary Surveys, Contour Surveys, Construction Surveys, Plot Division, Interior Survey and Quantity Calculation. Whether you require boundary surveys, topographic mapping, construction layout or any other land surveying needs, we have the expertise and equipment to exceed your expectations.


12 Years Of Undefeated Success

Welcome to the future of land surveying, where precision meets innovation. At Orbit Surveyors, we’re proud to introduce you to a new era of digital survey solutions that are redefining how we measure and map land.


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Digital Land Survey

Computerised Land Survey using Total Station and GPS.

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Road Survey

Helps to identify the right location for the road works along with optimal curve placements.

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Quantity Calculation

Helps to calculate the quantity of earthwork in cutting, filling for constructions.

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GPS Survey

Uses RTK Survey technology to measure relative positions.


Plot Division

Divide land into required no. of Plots

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Construction Survey

Performs Interior Survey and survey work for various Construction Purposes.


Committed To Provide Best Land Survey Services.

At Orbit Surveyors, we are committed to delivering accurate, efficient, and technologically advanced land surveying services. Our team of experienced Surveyors are measuring today for a sustainable tomorrow.

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We are committed to providing best land surveying services that provide unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Our team of experienced and licensed surveyors utilizes computerized equipment, to deliver precise and reliable surveying solutions.


Discover your Land's Potential

Land surveying plays a crucial role in various industries and applications, including real estate development, construction. With years of experience, we bring a new dimension to Land Surveying. Discover the potential of your land with Orbit Land Surveyors – Your Trusted Digital Survey partner


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Our Digital Survey Works

Topographical Survey

Construction Survey

Plot Division

GPS Survey

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Topographic surveys, Accurate Boundary Mapping, Construction Surveys, Real Time GPS Tracking, Contour Surveys, Plot Division, Interior Surveys, Quantity Calculations. 

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